Production Management:

We have 20+ years of production and operations management experience.  We will make sure that your production runs smoothly.

Production Coordination:

Organized and efficient coordination with the various aspects of production: Communication, meetings, contracts, movements of crew and equipment, remote locations, problem solving, and troubleshooting.

Production Crew:

We have an extensive network of professional and quality contacts; production managers, production assistants, photographers, camera operators, sound, grips, gaffers, etc.

Location Management and Scouting:

Location management for your film, television, commercial, video or print production.  We can secure all permits, permissions, and take care of all the logistics. Any location, all seasons.

We will find the best location for your production.  We have extensive knowledge of the area. Unique, remote, and original locations, all seasons, permitting and many locations on file.


We have extensive experience in the permitting of public and private land and facilities.


Commercial, media, corporate, events and more.  Huge stock library featuring the Reno Tahoe area available for online viewing. Extensive list of published photographs and referrals are available upon request.


  • Generators
  • Tents
  • Trailers
  • Sound equipment
  • Grip & Lighting
  • Cameras

Additional Services:

  • Budgeting: Create a realistic budget and timeline for your event
  • Building Brand Awareness: Letting the public know about your event or product to create awareness year after year.
  • Event Consulting & Development: Develop and implement goals, strategies and objectives associated with your event.
  • Event Design, Production and Management: Create the atmosphere, layout, branding, staffing, and execution.
  • Event Staffing: Provide experience and reliable staff for ensure success of your event.
  • Land Use, Permitting, Insurance: Work with local agencies to ensure that all permitting and insurance work is submitted in a timely and correct manner:
  • Marketing: Spearhead a diverse and effective campaign to create maximum awareness about your event through direct response marketing options.
  • Media Services: Design and creation of multi-media tools.
  • Merchandising and Sampling: T-Shirts, hats, and bumper sticks-all important parts of branding your event for years to come.
  • Public Relations: Targeted public relations campaign, awarness campaign, familiarization tours, press & news releases.
  • Security: Working with local police and security firms to secure your event. Crowd control.
  • Sound & Lighting: All mechanical aspects of enhancing your event.
  • Sponsor & VIP Hospitality: Creation and staffing for VIP functions and activities.
  • Television Production